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Organized by Chinese Academy of Oil Painting affiliated to the China National Academy of Arts, the 3rd “Exploration|Discovery: Exhibition of New Comers of Oil Painting” will be inaugurated at Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting on January 12, 2013. The exhibition is a large-scale selection of newcomers to oil painting from across China, held by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting affiliated to the China National Academy of Arts, it is the second time since 2009 so it is gradually becoming an activity that selects newcomers, with a rather good academic affect and artistic level in the domestic and oil painting circles, one of the key academic activities brands that is built up by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting.

The exhibition dedicates to the sustainable development in Chinese oil painting, respecting aesthetic principles and the freedom spirit of creation, emphasizing the value of the language of oil painting and inspiring oriental artistic styles, securing the long-term traditions while appreciating the contemporary, concerns of real life rendering and expression of the inner human soul, aimed at promoting the pure academic spirit of oil painting and the pursuit of an honest and virile art taste.

Improved by the first two annual exhibitions, its quality and quantity of works have developed, more and more as young artists attend the selection, gaining a selection of better quality. There is a variety of art forms, covering different styles including realism, expression, classic, modern and symbol, embodying their creative freedom. The works render less prepared, carved less, and of few simple symbols, and artists express their real feelings with the ways they could handle it, rather than in line with the exhibition and competition.

The 3rd “Exploration | Discovery: Exhibition of Newcomers of Oil Painting” started in February, 2012, receiving the registration information from more than 1200 artists, selected by the art council of the exhibition, finally featuring more than 200 pieces of works, divided into three parts, firstly, the award winners in the last two years are invited to participate in the exhibition, displayed in succession, secondly, it features the award winners’ works of the year and fine works, thirdly, it features selected works. The exhibition established the “Mountain Art Award from Chinese Academy of Oil Painting”, which is supported by the Mountain Art Foundation, and the winners and works will be announced at the opening ceremony.

The organizers hope to find and encourage newcomers in oil painting to create through the selection platform of the exhibition. Starting from excavation and by finding newcomers and new works, it is the collection of research, selection of talent, exhibition, and cultural exchange, it aims to foster and support excellent young artists, to improve the heritage and development of Chinese Oil Painting. Previous award-winning young artists are invited to participate in the academic and art exchange activities, held by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, an accumulation of a vivid youth art force in the circle of Chinese oil painting.

The exhibition will be on view until January 27, 2013.

About the exhibition

Host: Chinese Academy of Oil Painting affiliated to the China National Academy of Arts

Organizer: Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

Co-organizers: Mountain Art Foundation, Chinese Fund of Oil Painting Art, Beijing Academy of Realism Oil Painting

Academic adviser: Yang Feiyun

Opening time: 10:00am on January 12, 2013

Duration: January 12 – January 27, 2013

Venue: Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue Wang

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