01 Han Hongwei, “Plateau Station”

Sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, co-organized by 21 Space Art Museum, “The Achievements Exhibition of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting 2013” unveiled at the 21 Space Art Museum on January 18, 2014. The beginning of the exhibition was presented at the Art Museum of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting on December 14, 2013, and it is the second exhibition that is held in Dongguan, showcasing works most of which initially debut in Dongguan. The exhibition will last until March 10, 2014.

The majority of the participating painters are professional painters from the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, including: Yang Feiyun, Liu Jianping, Zhang Dongfeng, Long Liyou, Yao Yong, Peng Peng, Shi Liang, Shi Lei, Sun Wengang, Xu Xiaodong, Zhu Chunlin, Han Hongwei, Xia Junna, Chang Lei, Li Guijun. They apply their unique aesthetic pursuit and serious artistic expression to showcase their unique artistic styles in the present diverse artistic rendering with a special artistic value.

On the opening day, Shi Lei, Deputy Dean of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting and Hu Bin, Director of Planning Department of the 21 Space Art Museum, together with painters participating in the opening ceremony were invited to offer an on-site professional interpretation of the work. Yang Feiyun’s painting of people integrates the Western realism shaping style with Chinese classical temperament; Peng Peng’s painting is summarized and concise, using clumsy and distinct color blocks. Zhun Chunlin’s painting of figures or landscape is quiet, detached and elegant, which quietly and strongly impresses the audience. Shi Lei directly communicates with the present by applying paint to photography to convey a rich humanistic element. In addition, the partnership of Han Hongwei and Xia Junna reflect their different experiences of art and life in their work.

The 21 Space Art Museum intention through the exhibition “The Achievements Exhibition of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting 2013”, to introduce the current representative oil paintings to the Pearl River Delta of China thus enriching the diverse appearance of Lingnan art; introducing the important achievements of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting represented by Yang Feiyun, to promote the integration of different artistic styles of the north and south, promoting an artistic exchange of the two areas. The exhibition is held in the 21 Space Art Museum which is closely associated with the research direction of figurative oil painting of the museum. The Chinese Academy of Oil Painting plays a key role in Chinese realism painting, as it is a case study and part of the important subject matter in “Realism in China” which is about to be expanded by the museum. Combining theory with contemporary art practice, to build on the historic context including the realism of oil painting which was introduced into China in the 20th century, and is developed through evolution and even contemporary rendering.

Courtesy of the artists and the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, ranslated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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