The Body as a Landscape Exhibition of Sculptures by Jorge Marin

With over 25 years of artistic work, he has successfully entered into Mexico’s artistic scene and has become a representative of figurative international sculpture.

The sculptures of Jorge Marín reflect in bronze the intrinsic strength and force that emanates from its creation and permits him to construct dynamic bodies, full of movement, which challenge gravity and rotate in space supported on one point. His work represents the struggle between the coldness of bronze and the diverse emotions that his subject’s evocate: the perfect balance of the equilibrists, and his winged figures has become his particular seal. Another notable trait in his work is the mask, an attempt to depersonalize his sculptures and become another medium of expression of a body that contains universal symbols in itself.

Sculpture by Jorge Marin

He currently exhibits “Wings of a City” in Mexico City, which opened in 2010, and another of his exhibits, “The Body as a Landscape”, has been shown in museums and galleries throughout Europe since 2011, including Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Istanbul, Berlin, Brussels Budapest, Timisoara, and will be shown in St Petersburg and Brussels .

Sculptures by Jorge Marin

About the exhibition

Organizer: Consulate Genearl of Mexico in Guangzhou

Venue: Hall 7, Guangdong Museum of Art, Er-sha Island, Guangzhou

Dates: January 14th – March 9th, 2014

Opening: January 14th, 2014 at 15:00

Courtesy of the artist and Guangdong Art Museum, for further information please visit

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