Art Nova 100 logo

Art Nova 100 logo

A grand launch ceremony and special VIP event for “Art Nova 100” will be held on September 22, 2011, inside the West Gate of Ditan Park. The day also marks the debut of the “Art Nova 100” exhibition of works from the 100 “Art Nova 100” young artists. The exhibition in Beijing will continuo till September 28, 2011. All the participants look forward to sharing this spectacular moment with you as these up-and-coming young masters take the next steps in their artistic journeys.

The “Art Nova 100” Organizing Committee, the Wuxi YunLin Artworks Trade Center Co., Ltd., and the Beijing Art Interaction Culture & Communication Co., Ltd., have joined hands to establish the “Art Nova 100”, with academic support provided by the Chinese Contemporary Art Research Center. The innovative “Art Nova 100” program presents works by emerging, young Chinese artists, whose works embody the contemporary spirit of their generation. The carefully curated program opens a window into the status of contemporary Chinese art and its future development.

Main Image of ArtNova100

Main Image of Art Nova 100

In 2011, its debut year, the “Art Nova 100” program will include a national tour and numerous art activities, establishing a large-scale, professional, multi-channel, high-end platform for young artists to build their careers and together exhibit their cutting-edge works. Participating young artists were all born in or after 1975 and work in various media, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, ink, video and installation. The exhibition displays this generation of artists’ vigor and rich creativity, bringing emerging young artistic talents to the attention of collectors, curators and art enthusiasts

Art Nova 100

Each year, the “Art Nova 100” Selection Committee will consider the academic and commercial value of thousands of works from across the nation to select more than 300 important works by 100 outstanding young Chinese artists for this celebrated traveling national exhibition and future art event series. The 2011 Selection Committee includes key figures who have proven their dedication to the long-term development of contemporary art in China: Feng Boyi, Fu Xiaodong, Li Xu, Liu Libin, Lu Huan, Sun Guosheng, Wu Qiuyan, Xu Lei, Zhang Zikang, and Zhao Li, Zhou Chunya. Decisions are carried out in the spirit of fairness and openness.




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