This video collects and presents the exhibition view of Tong Cragg: Sculptures and Drawings at CAFA Art Museum, March 2nd through April 15th, 2012. It was shot and edited by CAFA ART INFO, footage courtesy of Tong Cragg and his team.

A renowned British sculptor and the 1988 Turner Prize winner, Tony Cragg plays a leading role in the remarkable generation of sculptors that emerged in the late Seventies and he serves currently as the director of the respected Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf. This major exhibition, part of the event UKNOW, offers the first full survey of Cragg’s work in China, which also has been exhibited in Scotland, Venice, Duisburg, Paris and Dallas. Featuring nearly 50 major sculptures, the show is focused on work from the past 15 years, with some earlier pieces.

Tony Cragg ranks among the most internationally exhibited of his generation of British sculptors which includes Anish Kapoor and the Richards Wentworth, Long and Deacon. “His work is various and versatile yet immediately recognizable…”as commented on by Laura Cumming from The Observer, “Each piece is charged with a characteristic strength of power and direction.”

An artist of great international acclaim and immense energy, Cragg has developed more possibilities in the making of sculpture than any other sculptor since Henry Moore discovered the “hole” as a positive space. Cragg’s contributions to contemporary sculpture practice are beyond challenge. According to Cragg himself, his sculptures are “fictional entities where decisions are made entirely on an aesthetic basis,” and, somewhat contradictorily: “The material finds itself in a new form and the sculptor finds himself with new content and a new meaning.”


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