01 Installation view of the exhibition

Hosted by the Permanence Gallery, Lv Yue and Her Students fashion design show is about to open at the Permanence Gallery in the 798 Art Zone on March 27, 2015.

The show focuses on Lv Yue’s works “Day and Night, Yin and Yang”, “Harmonic Yin and Yang”, “Melting”, “At the Depths of Various Flowers” series, as well as the representative fashion art works by some of her students. All the participating artists are the students of Lv Yue, some graduated from the Central Academy of Craft Arts, some graduated from CAFA, some were visiting scholars of CAFA, some had taken part in the fashion art course of CAFA, including Chen Mo, Deng Yuping, Kong Fanfan, Li Fengxiu, Liang Li, Mou Lin, Tan Yali, Xie Bing, Nie Yurong, Yu Wanning, Wang Jiani, Wang Qian, Wang Wenjuan, Zhang Tingting, Zhang Qianyi, Zhao Weiwei, Zhou Meng.

In 2006, fashion design formally entered China with a Chinese and Korean exchange exhibition. At first, fashion design was unfolded with the course in the academic exchange between Chinese and Korean colleges; as the founder of the Fashion discipline of CAFA, Lv Yue first brought Fashion Art into the teaching course of the Fashion discipline, CAFA, and themed on “takingpaper asmaterial” to showcase the teaching achievement. In 2007, it was the first time to invite the Korean artists to attend the Sino-Korean fashion art exchange exhibition entitled “Harmony” in China; in 2008, on the occasion of the Beijing Olympic Games, the artists from 10 countries and districts jointly held an exhibition themed on “passion”, which internationalized fashion design and caused a wide range of reactions in fashion circles. Following that “Green Attitude” was held in 2010; “Garden Tour” was held in 2012; “Days and Nights” international fashion design show was held in 2013. In the years of the development of fashion design, more than 400 artists from 18 countries attend the exhibitions. The extensive international repercussions helped the fashion design to constantly absorbnew artistic talents, and also develop more artistic possibilities. On the 10th anniversary of fashion design entering China, fashion design does not only play a role in teaching, but also becomes the direction for research and creation of the designers and artists.

The exhibition is entitled “Lv Yue and Her Students”, featuring part of the achievements of the artists, under the guidance of Lv Yue, after years of exploration and experimentin art and fashion, it offers a way of thinking and a new perspective to more artists, designers and the colleges and universities of art; fashion design is constantly growing, at the same time, it also hopes that with this exhibition to absorb more art lovers, so that more people know this new artistic language.

The exhibition formally opened to the public on March 27, continuing to April 6, Wang Qian, one of Lv Yue’s students will feature the work “Swaying” in the fashion design show, and on the afternoon of the opening, it launches a special fashion conference for the brand Qianlciyee which attends the China Fashion Week in the central hall of the 751D – PARK. As a fashion designer, the work can be philosophy, art, and also commercial so comfortable to wear.It is difficult to separate design and art, and it is a good interactive relationship between static display and the dynamic runway. The static status expresses the pursuit of art; while the dynamic reveals the clever design. It hopes to offer the visitors arich and vivid visual experience, to experience the change of thinking of theworks with different positioning.

Courtesy of the artist and the Permanence Gallery, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO, for further information please visit www.permanencegallery.cn.

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