14 The Fifth Night at CAFAM & Closing Ceremony of “Meeting in Beijing – Latin America Arts Festival”

Jointly hosted by CAFA Art Museum, China Arts and Entertainment Group, and Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau, the Fifth Night at CAFAM & Closing Ceremony of “Meeting in Beijing – Latin America Arts Festival” was held at CAFAM, on June 2, 2013. It was the 5th Night of CAFAM, coordinating the “Meeting in China” to reflect the passionate Latin American culture. The thematic cultural units of the Night at CAFAM included various activities of multiple art forms, such as the noted Peru artist Grimanesa Amoros’s exhibition, art charity micro film, and live shows and a masquerade party, etc. students, art lovers and related arts practitioners participated and supported the 5th Night at CAFAM, with an animated live atmosphere.

At 16:00, honored guests and friends, in expensive clothing, successively reached the museum. The museum featured “Unfold: A Cultural Response to Climate Change”, “THE HEART OF INNOCENCE-A Centennial Retrospective of AligiSassu”, “The Beauty of the Earth – Sketches by Yu Ben”,“My Pursuit is to Record Time: Donated Works by Weng Naiqiang”, “Collection Series: Selected Works of Chinese Painting Created in the Period of the National Beiping Art School”, which were all free and open to the public.

Like the previous order, the audience from the The Beijing News were guided to visit the exhibitions “THE HEART OF INNOCENCE-A Centennial Retrospective of Aligi Sassu” by Project Manager Renee Xu, who gave an analysis and interpretation of the works to the audience to understand the hidden cultural significance. Xu’s wonderful and vivid explanation attracted the audience, making the art close to the public, which also fully embodied the pursuit and subject of the “Night at CAFAM”.

The opening ceremony started at 18:00, and Wang Huangsheng, Director of the CAFA Art Museum initially made a speech: It’s the 5th Night at CAFAM, which is held twice a year, fully reflecting the young and vibrant CAFAM. At the same time, it’s the closing ceremony of “The 13th Meeting in Beijing – Latin America Arts Festival”, Latin American culture mingled in a unique style with the art exhibitions at the museum that were on view at the museum, in a unique style. In addition, Jose Borja, the Ambassador of Ecuador, appreciated the cultural communication between China and Ecuador, He said: “It’s very meaningful that the cultural communication between the Pacific Rim countries, which also promotes the friendship between the people of the two countries. I am here to express my deep gratitude to the enthusiastic Chinese people, including all the staff of CAFA Art Museum.

Subsequently, the opening dance by a Colombian contemporary dance company “Pink Panther” (salsa) debuted, following an experimental theater production entitled “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark”, which was specially prepared for the Night at CAFAM, directed by Ke Lu and performed by Jinlingzu Theater Troupe, whose professional artistic performance by the actors received overwhelmingly applause from the audience. It was the part of the offering of gifts later, the gifts being supported by the sponsors of the event, the embassies in China, including Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay, delivering commemorative gifts. It was followed by musician Luissa Sello playing the flute, offering an elegant interpretation of the romantic artistic realms of Italy, slowly stepping into the installation of Grimanesa Amoros and interacting with it. After the lively Colombian contemporary dance and the second round of the lucky draw, Gentleman Langsha sang a selection of original songs, announcing the end of the “Night of CAFAM”.

One of the highlight of the CAFAMNIGHT was “The Mirror Connection” Exhibition of Lighting Installation by Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amoros, presented in the center of the ground floor of the museum, who also participated in the CAFAM Night. As an important part of The Fifth Night at CAFAM & Closing Ceremony of “Meeting in Beijing – Latin America Arts Festival”, “The Mirror Connection” Exhibition of the Lighting Installation by Grimanesa Amoros is on view on June 2 until June 22. The lighting installations are the modern interpretation of South American style, a traditional and modern mutual penetration, the colorful Latin American culture is perfectly presented to the audience.

About “Night at CAFAM”

“Night at CAFAM” aims to promote an exchange and friendship between art lovers, students and related art practitioners to establish “China IN, the most vivid artistic celebration party”.

2013 “Meeting in Beijing” is a gathering that officially announced some performances and activity arrangements, from April 27 to May 30, the organizers invited more than 60 art organizers from nearly 20 countries and regions, including Spain, USA, France, Poland, etc., displaying art to the audience, 50 sessions of shows at theaters, 100 sessions of shows in plazas, as well as exhibitions and youth art education activities.

Photo: Dong Huiping, Quan Jing/CAFA Art Museum

Translated by Sophia and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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