Spheres in Space

Spheres in Space

Perface by Simon Kirby

The Other Gallery | Shanghai Space is pleased to present new works by Shanghai based female artist Gao Shan. For this exhibition she has develep themes that related to an imagined world of strange new organisms as well as human attempts to systematize, control and understand it.

Most of the works in the “Microcosm” series are made of an everyday foam material, which the artist aculpts, colors and treats with other non- conventional sculpture media.

The three series combined in “Microcosm” in this exhibition relate to a human journey in and out of a utopia. “Spheres in Space” creates a fantastical kind of new biology in which the microcosmic universe is reduced to a microcosmic scale. “Newborns” transport this new biology into the scientific laboratory, which is the realm of human investigation and control. Finally, “Inpediment to Reading” introduces a third and far more complex question into Gao Shan’s alternative system of enquiry.

Thus. “Microcosm” is the first full-scale presentation of a complete body of mature work by the artist.

June 2012



Newborns 02

Newborns 02

Inpediment to Reading-1, 2012;  sponge,  204×137cm

Inpediment to Reading-1, 2012; sponge, 204×137cm

About the exhibition

Dates: 29 Jul – 2 Sep 2012

Venue: Other Gallery Shanghai

Address: 50 Moganshan Road,Building 9, Shanghai

TEL: +86 21-33532273

FAX: +86 21-33532275

TIME: 11:00-18:00h

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