25 Night at CAFAM

CAFA Art Museum celebrated the 4th “Night at CAFAM” with the Assembly of Film Arts on November 9, 2012. This year, it upheld the purpose of establishing “China IN, the Most Vivid Artistic Celebration Party”, themed on art films, inviting young artists across China a chance of interacting with all walks of life, and enjoying arts.

CAFA Art Museum was open to the public at 4pm on November 9, invited students from different colleges, young artists visited some blockbuster exhibitions like “Diamond Leaves” Artist Books from all over the World, “10 Years – Re: Jewelry” Central Academy of Fine Arts and Contemporary Jewelry, “On High: Works of Yu Fan”, and so on, at the same time, audiences were guided by masters and doctors from the school of Humanities, who analyzed and interpreted the exhibitions for them. Meanwhile, parent-child combination of Yu Fan and his father gave a discourse for families and children from Sun Village, and Benjamin Baltimore, a film poster master from France, explained the charm of film posters to audiences.

A makeup party for film arts was held at CAFA Art Museum at 5pm, and at the beginning, Prof. Tan Ping, President of CAFA, and Wang Huangsheng, Curator of CAFA Art Museum, respectively presented a humorous opening speech, which started a free, easy and vivid key to the night party.

Initially, while a domestic well-known African drum percussion band – Majin Buu performance troupe brought an auditory feast, audiences danced to the beat of a cheerful distinctive rhythm. Subsequently the museum was full of melodies, the Symphony Chamber Orchestra from the Central Conservatory of Music played some classics.

Then, students from Central Academy of Fine Arts, as the host, brought us a series of brilliant performances, firstly the students from School of Design performed a ballet with light footsteps and graceful postures. Along with the beautiful ballet there was a mad hip-hop dancing performance, by the hip-hop club from the School of Urban Design, CAFA, showing the vitality and passion of youth, though the dance was full of tension, launching the first climax of the night! After that, we found ourselves in an entirely new world as students from the School of Architecture performed the B-BOX version of Yingshanhong, using a natural combination of two styles.

Li Aoxuan, a young musician born in the 90s, as a young artist’s representative, performed a wonderful double-key electone, the happy rhythm and Li Aoxuan’s performance of passion touched everyone, and received great applause. Then, students from the School of Urban Design and the the Department of Murals of the school of Plastic, CAFA, and Tian Yuzhe, a new generation of Chinese folk singer and his band brought us a wonderful show.

After a series of brilliant performances, “Night at CAFAM,” the most anticipated part – the 5th First Film Festival Awards, awarding the Best Actor and Actress, the Best Screenplay, the Best Director, the Best Film, in which, “Pilgrimage Route”, a joint graduation film in 2012 from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, won the Best Film award. In the award ceremony, a young film artist expressed his love of film and art, we believe that, the growth of young film artists was of great benefit to the future of Chinese films.

Finally, when the final climax of the night was launched by a CAFA Style dance by students from CAFA, the audience clapped to the music and enjoyed their dancing in the museum, and “Night at CAFAM” ended in the happy music hall, we are now looking forward to next year’s “Night at CAFAM”!

Text by Gao Yu/CAFA ART INFO, translated by Chen Peihua/ CAFA ART INFO

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