Poster of the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal of China, a living cultural heritage and the theme of this collateral exhibition, was dug to open up the exchange of human and material resources, and led to an encyclopedic dissemination of art, ideas and culture consistent with today’s globalization. This exhibition shows the fusion of contemporary Chinese art, history, tradition and the material world. In an exploration of the Grand Canal’s cultural and practical significance, Chinese artists deal with complementary dichotomies including manmade/natural, traditional/contemporary, male/female and material/spiritual. (China´s Grand Canal applies for World Heritage status)

Venue: Museo Diocesano, Sale espositive, Castello 4312, 30122 Venezia (VE).

Preview on 29 30 31 May,2013

Openning: 18:00,30 May,2013

Duration: June 1st – November 24th,2013


Bai Chongmin,Gao Jie,He Haoyuan,Huang Rui,Peng Xiaojia,Qiu Zhijie,Shi Qing,Wang Du,Irrelevant Committee (Gao Fei, Chen Zhiyuan, Li Liangyong, Ye Nan,Guo Lijun, Jia Hongyu, Niu Ke, Wang Guilin), Xiao Lu, Xu Bing, Zhang Yangzi

Curator: Xiao Ge

Assistant Curator: Archibald Mckenzie

Commissioner: Paolo de Grandis

Coordinator in Venice: Carlotta Scarpa, PDG Artcommunications

Francesca Romane, Roberto Rosolen

Exhibition planner: Sun Yue, Wei Xingyi, Feng Jiao

Design: Wu Weihe, Zhu Sha

Translators: Archibald Mckenzie, Lu Meng, Luca Zordin, Sun Yue

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