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On October 23, 2015, the review and seminar of “The New Form•2015 Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennale” was held in the Department of Sculpture, CAFA, the biennale is hosted by China Artists Association, CAFA, People’s Government of Taiyuan, co-organized by the Sculpture Art Committee of China Artists Association, Curatorial Art Committee and Taiyuan Bureau of Culture, and the exhibition will be held in Taiyuan Art Museum on December 12.

The honored guests who attended the meeting included: Deputy Party Secretary of CAFA Wang Shaojun, Director of Art Committee Work Department at China Artists Association Xian Yi, Honorary Director of Sculpture Art Committee Sheng Yang, Deputy Director Cao Chunsheng, Deputy Director of Taiyuan Bureau of Culture Cao Yongming, Director of the Art Museum Wang Ding, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee at CAFA Sui Jianguo, Executive Director of the Sculpture Institute of the China National Academy of Painting Chen Yungang, Party Secretary of the College of Sculpture and Public Art at the China Academy of Art Long Xiang, Vice President of the China Sculpture Society Sun Zhenhua, Editor-in-Chief of Art Study journal Yin Shuangxi, Prof. Yin Xiaofeng from the Department of Sculpture at Northeast Normal University, Deputy Dean of Beijing Fine Art Academy and Director of the Art Museum Wu Hongliang, Prof. Xiang Jinguo from the Department of Sculpture at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Prof. Luo Xiaoping from the College of Fine Arts at Shanghai University, Executive Editor-in-Chief of China Sculpture journal Tang Yao, Vice Chairman of Shanxi Provincial Artists Association and Chairman of the Sculpture Society Zhang Weidong, Director of the Organizing Committee Office for the biennale Zhang Wei, as well as the assistants to curators and the staff of the organizing committee. The meeting was presided over by the Secretary-General of the organizing committee of the exhibition Prof. Lv Pinchang.

Following the commencement meeting and planning meeting, there was a preliminary assessment of the solicited works, and a discussion on the academic orientation of the exhibition. The Chief curators of the exhibition are Chen Yungang, Lv Pinchang, and panel curators include Wu Hongliang, Xiang Jinguo, Luo Xiaoping, Tang Yao and Zhang Weidong. The exhibition is divided into six sections: the first part is entitled the New Realm, to showcase the works with considerable academic influence and appeal; secondly, the Creating of a New Thing section which features invited well-known sculptors’ works; thirdly, the New Interface section, the diversified plate that mainly presents the works by middle-aged and young sculptors; fourthly, the New Vision section that represents the experimental, exploratory, diversity and trans-boundary; fifthly, the New Form of Ceramic section, that uses the ceramic medium during a performance; sixthly, the New Jin Style section, that features the local characteristics of Shanxi Province. Xian Yi, Wang Shaojun, Cao Yongming, Sheng Yang, Cao Chunsheng, Lv Pinchang, Chen Yungang, Sun Zhenhua were successive in giving a speech at the meeting.

At the meeting, the six curators introduced the solicited situation about the works in each section, and the guests had a preliminary assessment and selection on the academic content of the works and the academic orientation of the show. It features a variety of works, including both senior sculptors’ works, and cutting-edge works by some young and middle-aged artists, echoing the developmental situation of contemporary sculpture.

The guests also had a discussion on the planning work including spatial design of the exhibition, transportation, arrangement of the exhibition, design of the written propaganda, the academic discussion. The exhibition offered a new exploration from the aspect of sculptural ontology, to reflect the theme of the “new form”, playing the role of orientation and academic leadership in each section which manifested in the integration and ideological level of sculptures.

Text by the Sculpture Art Committee of China Artists Association, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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