00 Installation View of The Second Round of the 2013 Graduates Exhibition of CAFA

The second round of the Graduates Exhibition of CAFA 2013 opened on May 22, 2013. It features the works by the graduates of the Departments of Experimental Art, School of Humanities, School of Chinese Painting, and School of Design, and it lasts until May 27, except for the School of Design, which continues until April 29.

“Start” – Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Experimental Art

After 4 years of systematic study in the Department of Experimental art, the graduates of 2013 initially present their works to the public, with heavy calculations, the ten young faces, rarely seen by people, show a different surprise to the public.

The works reflect various appearances: exploration of the way of seeing displays, spatial transformation; reading in a rational way, running – completion of a performance by the participants; self examination and expression with the use of body and face, as the scale; the delusion to become a great man and a character of games – the study and parody of media and character; also involved in real estate –observations of the current state of social phenomena and lives of the youth; even the planning of more exhibitions, questioning and thinking about the entire system of exhibition, as well as the aesthetic level.

Exhibition of Theses of the School of Humanities

Since the Graduation Exhibition of 2012, last year the School of Humanities has participated in the graduates exhibitions of CAFA, with the exhibition of theses. It displays 41 theses of the Department of Art History, 21 theses of the Department of Cultural Heritage, 23 theses of the Department of Art Management, with a total of 85 graduates.

Yin Ji-nan, Dean of the Department of Humanities said in the preface: “The students we train are liberal personnel related to art, including the talents of research, teaching, and management of art history, cultural heritage and art management. Over the years they have played an important role in the universities, art museums, museums, research institutes, media and publishing houses, auction houses and art investment institutions.

The Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Chinese Painting

The Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA displays the works by students of the disciplines of figure painting, freehand, meticulous landscapes, flowers and birds, calligraphy, etc., demonstrating the entire teaching appearance of the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA.

The Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA, whose predecessor dated back to the discipline of painting of the National Beijing Art School, established in 1918, has experienced 80 years of developments and changes. Today, the school has established teaching and the use of a studio to study figure painting; the majors of freehand and meticulous art; the teaching and study using the studio for landscape, flowers and birds; the teaching and the study in a studio of calligraphy; the use of the studio for materials and performance; the center for research and comparison of calligraphy and painting.

“Bi” – the Graduation Exhibition of the School of Design

The Graduation Exhibition of the School of Design 2013 displays the works by 173 students of 14 studios, the School of Design, majoring in seven professional disciplines, including visual communication, industrial, design, photography, digital, fashion, jewellery, and transportation. It is located in the 2nd, 4th, 7th floor of the building 7, CAFA. On the first day of the exhibition, an opening ceremony and night party were held at the ground floor hall of building 7.

Text and photo by Yu Ya/CAFA ART INFO

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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