11 Group photo of honored guests at the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou show

The Third “Reconstruction of Oriental Beauty” Painting Exhibition – Beauty in the Discerning Eye of Aspirations in Ink and Wash (Nanjing) was held at the Art Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts at Nanjing University from December 2 to December 6, 2014, and then moved to Guangzhou, on December 26, 2014 going through to January 26, 2015 it launches the second exhibition at the Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in the university city. The exhibition is jointly hosted by the Xiandaikuaibao Daily, Nanjing Normal University, and the Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing University, organized by Jiangsu Art and Culture Investment Co., Ltd, in collaboration with Jiangyin Changjiang Village, Jiangsu Xin Chang Jiang Culture Development Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of December 26, the “Father of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Wash” Liu Kuo-sung and other participating artists as well as a number of heavyweight theorists arrived in Guangzhou to attend the multidisciplinary and high level academic seminar. At the seminar the philosophers, estheticians, literary critics, art critics from many famous universities attended and gave a speech, to lay the foundation for the systematic construction of contemporary Chinese painting theory.

The exhibition assembled a total of 73 works by 13 heavyweight cross-strait contemporary artists of ink and wash, grandly showcasing the new face of Chinese painting. Participating artists include (in order of age): Liu Kuo-sung, Zhang Guiming(deceased), Du Dakai, Zhang Peicheng, Qiu Deshu, Lin Yipeng, Shen Qin, Xing Qingren, Liu Qinghe, Lu Yushun, Yang Peijiang, Lu Chuntao, Ding Beili.

The “Reconstruction of Oriental Beauty” series of art activities was initiated in 2012 by Professor Lin Yipeng after more than a decade of fermentation and launched the first exhibition, held yearly since. Lin Yipeng said that, The Third Reconstruction of Oriental Beauty Painting Exhibition – Beauty in the Discerning Eye of Aspirations in Ink and Wash was a gathering of heroes, collectively showcasing the elite of contemporary Chinese painting after decades of reform and opening-up, the exhibited painters had a distinct personality, and leading position, it showcased the new features of Chinese painting. Compared with the previous ones, the exhibition was different: Taiwan painter Liu Kuo-sung, who was called the “Father of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Wash” joined the exhibition, and presented 10 paintings in the exhibition; also presented is the work by the deceased Zhang Guiming who had also participated in the exhibition last year; “Beauty in the Discerning Eye” was the theme of the year, focusing on the aesthetic orientation of contemporary Chinese painting, and carrying on an in-depth discussion on this topic. Although most of the artists had presented their work last year, everyone had created some new and better works over the year, Qiu Deshu, Lu Yushun, Liu Qinghe, Lu Chuntao would like to exhibit their giant magnum opuses, Lin Yipeng will present his own work for the first time, “The Story of Rainforest •Big Bird Series”. The entire exhibition is full of strong vitality and meaning.

Lin Yipeng said: “There has been more than one hundred years of collision and fusion between Chinese painting and Western culture, emerging with great reformers such as Lin Fengmian, Xu Beihong and Wu Guanzhong, who have made great historic contributions to Chinese painting moving toward modern times. Over the three decades of reform and opening up, under the background of rapid and extensive exchanges of world culture, a modern Chinese painters group has been formed, and their achievements have gradually drawn the outline of a prototype for modern Chinese painting rich with an Oriental verve.” He hopes through the continuous efforts of several years, ten years or even a longer time, through various forms of art activities, to integrate, consolidate, improve and develop the situation.

“Top priority is always given to the academic and creativity, aimed at realizing the academic purpose, never deviating from it.” Lin Yipeng said, “We will have constant art activities, efforts to explore and gradually solve the essential and fundamental problems such as art ideology, value judgment, aesthetic standards and language interpretation with modern Chinese painting. It takes the spirit of Oriental art aesthetics as the main body, blending the beneficial ingredients from other national cultures in the world, to eventually create modern Chinese painting rich with Oriental beauty, and mutually brightening the western modern and contemporary art.

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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