Poster of The World of Infinite Life Zeng Yang Solo Exhibition

Zeng Yang was once known for his whimsicality of the spin of black and white as well as composition of a logical continuous narration. This is going to be his 5th solo exhibition, three years from the Repent and Be Saved held by Space Station on December, 2010. Since 2003, Yang has depicted on pure gold foil western Elysium i.e. “the world of infinite life”: a world exists beyond our world’s dimensions; a wonderful world which is the door to eternity. As is described by Yang, “there will be no sufferings but happiness. Treasures like diamond and gold are used as stones to pave the roads, scattering everywhere. Palaces and houses are made of ‘seven treasures’ (tridacna stone, agate, crystal, coral, amber, pearl, musk). The view is fantastic, in which one can always feel the Buddha’s words in the water, in the chirping of the birds, which delights one both physically and mentally. No alternations of seasons, no press from age and illness, no soldiers, farmers, industries or business but that which men learn while they teach. Men live infinitely and learn endlessly there to the ultimate eternity.” He wishes that the series of work could help other Buddhists to foster a joyful heart, and a longing for utmost happiness.

Is material a false creation of ideas, or is material an objective existence? In the author’s opinion, the universe we live in is made of ideas, which the good minds would come up with good faiths while the evil minds would end up with evil ones. Therefore, one needs to change one’s thoughts in order to attain happiness. And the world of infinite life serves as the transition of this process. Yang tries to help us find the way to the Elysium of “reality” and “brightness”. Different from the previous independent narrative units, the continuous and circular narrative mode of Infinite Life Series bears more resemblances to an open-ended and diffuse image and text, and a world that leads to the spiritual awakening of the Great Harmony.

About the exhibition

Duration: May 24-June 15, 2014

Venue: Space Station

Tel: 010-59789671

Add: Space Station, NO.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art District, Beijing

Courtesy of the artist and Space Station, for further information please visit

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