01 Exhibition View of “To Love • Love Medicine and Art are in the Same Boat” 598x391 - “To Love • Love: Medicine and Art are in the Same Boat” with the Fourth Round having been held

On January 24, 2018, jointly hosted by CAFA and China-Japan Friendship Hospital, “Medicine and Art are in the Same Boat” as the fourth round was held in the cultural corridor of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. It presents more than 40 selected works of art by senior artists from CAFA, expounding the appreciation of life and the perception of life, on the theme of “To Love • Love” and it hopes that the spectators can feel the love and concern from these excellent works of art.

Wang Chen, President of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Zhou Jun, Vice President, Peng Mingqiang, Vice President, Ding Jinghong, Secretary of the Commission for Inspecting Discipline, Gao Hong, Secretary of Party Committee of CAFA, Wang Shaojun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of CAFA, Lyu Pinjing, Vice President of CAFA, Yue Jieqiong, Director of Collaborative Innovation Office, Zhou Hongbing, Director of the Division of Retirement, Wang Shujie, Executive Vice Chairman of the Trading Union, Shi Ling, Deputy Director of the School Office, and Wang Tongren, a representative of the senior artists participating in the exhibition, attended the opening ceremony.

Gao Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of CAFA, addressed the opening ceremony and said that the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and CAFA came together because of “love”. Artists from CAFA have created many classic works of art full of love for the country and the nationality and made great achievements in the fine arts in China, while China-Japan Friendship Hospital has also been full of deep feelings toward the people, diligently treating the patients. The exhibition combined the two kinds of love and embodied the exhibition theme of “To Love • Love”.

Wang Chen, President of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, addressed the opening ceremony and said that “Medicine and Art are in the Same Boat” series has raised the artistic accomplishments of the medical staff, and the patients could be inspired by appreciating the art and receiving a spiritual peace. Painting has revealed the most important role of art in the hospital which is full of joy & sorrow.

The old painter Wang Tongren tirelessly took part in the exhibition and attended the opening ceremony. He delivered a speech and said that there was a close association between medicine and art and he hoped that CAFA could establish more innovative co-operations with the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and he also encouraged the artists to show love and affection for what they saw.

All the giclee prints of paintings shown at the exhibition will be donated to the hospital. Wang Chen, President of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, awarded a donation certificate to CAFA. After the end of the opening ceremony, the leaders of China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the leaders of CAFA went together to visit the cultural corridor.

Love is the origin of art, and the core character of medicine. The old painters do not only show the audience the understanding and expression of love, but also the essence of thought after years of sedimentation. “Medicine and Art are in the Same Boat” attempts to make the spectator gain the spiritual comfort and strength through the dialogue with these works of art, to promote people’s physical and mental health and offer pleasure.

Text by the Division of Retirement, CAFA, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO 

Photo by He Yifan from the Publicity Department, CAFA

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