Qiu Deshu, Fission·Landscape, 160x160cm; Mixed Media, 2011

Qiu Deshu, Fission·Landscape, 160x160cm; Mixed Media, 2011

The exhibition presents a bunch of stylish and imaginative artworks suddenly gathering in one place, which would absolutely astonish the audience on site. It would bring about a visual experience distinguished by the artworks’ narrative style and creative language, as well as the multiplicity of their forms and ideas.

This is a group of renowned and experienced artists. They grew up in different era, having various experiences and backgrounds. Meanwhile, they are constantly developing their own artistic language and style.

Qiu Deshu, Yang Qian, Yuan Gong and Cheng Yong conducted new deconstruction and interpretation to Chinese traditional landscape and cultural heritage from their angle of view respectively. The Century Rift of Qiu Deshu, the shredded-paper paintings of Yang Qian, the media reconstruction of Yuan Gong, as well as the braille image of Cheng Yong, all of which have reflected the artists’ updated comprehension in terms of inheriting our tradition art.

Guan Ce, Morning Mist, 150x250cm; Mixed Media, 2011

Guan Ce, Morning Mist, 150x250cm; Mixed Media, 2011

The artworks of Guan Ce and Liu Guangyun interweaved concretization and abstraction. Guan Ce prefers to erase, while Liu Guangyun prefers to display. By means of shifting time and space in combination with sophiscated control and use of mixed media, specific situations and patterns are transferred to detailed artistic expressions. We could find a similar method of transferring in the paintings of He Wenjue and Jing Kewen. They add in the familiar pictures and images with their sophisticated and pure painting languages. As a result, they can easily capture the review and ghost-image in the rapid changing society. In comparison, Huang Yong constructs self-built landscape and body perception in historical context and dreamy space. We also find illustrative narration by Jin Feng in realistic topics and social contexts.

Cang Xin, Hidden Consciousness No.25, 180x140cm;  Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

Cang Xin, Hidden Consciousness No.25, 180x140cm; Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

The paintings of Cang Xin and Wu Gaozhong are more like a kind of spiritual practices, or rather a spiritual dialogue with the nature. There is a substance called Dark Matter floating in the soul level such as spirit and consciousness. That is Wu Gaozhong’s perched river and Cang Xin’s dark consciousness power.

Wu Gaozhong, Perched River R30 ,82x102cm; Mixed-Media, 2011

Wu Gaozhong, Perched River R30 ,82x102cm; Mixed-Media, 2011

Qiu Zhijie and Xu Zhen, the hottest all-around contemporary artists at the moment, in Qiu Zhijie’s papercut and paper media collage painting, he successfully change his role to a philosophers of art and the prophet, by what he done, some unreachable phenomenon now become more accessible. The Illuminant series of Xu Zhen, made the classic western oil-paining full with Halo pollution caused by flash lamp, from shooting painting to painting photography, destruction a scene and reconstruct it, he will continue his game with the audience, bring them more visual shocks.

Qiu Zhijie, The world will give way to the farsighted man, 199.4x150.5 x 5.1cm; Mixed Media, 2013

Qiu Zhijie, The world will give way to the farsighted man, 199.4×150.5 x 5.1cm; Mixed Media, 2013

As the only Post-40’s Generation artist, Lin Jiabing consistently use his powerful expressionism to describe his feelings of humanities, the flowers and trees in his painting is always full of vigour , seems like his glowing feeling overflow from the painting, this unique exhibition congregates more than 15 artists together, constituting such a peculiar group. By viewing their artworks, the audience can pursue artists’ various experiences, footprint, vision, experience and inspiration in a multidimensional space.

20 years has passed since Chinese contemporary art attracted international attention at the Venice Biennale in 1993. During the last two decades, Chinese contemporary art have developed energetically. Meanwhile, we have to admit that the recent development, regardless of the market’ s rise and fall or the art’ s own evolution, are largely based on the embodiment of values promoted by western mainstream capital. Many creations, regardless of aesthetic style and cultural spirit, have a giant difference with Chinese indigenous values. This exhibition brings the exploration and discovery of new painting art in such a background with a traditional Chinese cultural spirit, equipped with unique creative languages and aesthetic characteristics.

About the exhibition

Opening time: 3pm, 28th December 2014

Duration: 2014.12.28 — 2015.01.18

Location: 3/F, 4/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1, Today Art Museum

Courtesy of the artists and Today Art Museum, for further information please visit www.todayartmuseum.com.

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