Tong Gallery+Projects is pleased to announce the opening of Mark Nader: Doublespeak on November 4th, 2016. This is the first overseas artist’s exhibition to be held by Tong Gallery+Projects.

Mark Nader graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s Arts and Design College. His British-Mexican mixed identity makes his paintings simultaneously reveal characteristics that are cross-cultural, cross-situational, and cross-temporal. This is, in his own words, to “form a narrative of sorts between these two cultures” through the structure of painting.

The upcoming exhibition is comprised of Mark Nader’s recent painting practice. Try to elucidate the terrain of painting and collage, demonstrating a sound understanding of transitive image forms, the combinative dialogue that surface and seriality proffer. His vertiginous and beguiling work attempts to ask key questions of painting in the context of an information age. Representation can only be partial and narratives can be pieced together through disparate material and temporal fragments.

Mark Nader, Habitations Azules (Blue Room), 2016; Oil on Canvas, 85 x 90cm

Mark Nader, Habitations Azules (Blue Room), 2016; Oil on Canvas, 85 x 90cm

Mark Nader, Habitations Cathedral (Cathedral Rooms) , 2016; Oil on Canvas,  120x135cm

Mark Nader, Habitations Cathedral (Cathedral Rooms) , 2016; Oil on Canvas, 120x135cm

About Mark Nader

Born in 1986


BA Fine Art: Central St Martins BA hons Fine Art 2.1

Solo Shows

2016   Doublespeak, Mark Nader Solo Show, Tong Gallery+projects, Beijing, China

2013  #Something, Mark Nader and JiaJia Wang Joint Solo Shows, J Space, Beijing, China

2010  Second Rate Living, Studio One, London, UK

Selected Group Shows

2016   Across the Sea, J Space, Beijing, China

2015   Codex, Tina Jenkins and Mark Nader, Studio One, London, UK

In Search of Imaginary World, NuncContemporary, Antwerp, Belgium

2014  100 Painters of Tomorrow, One Art Space, New York,USA

Painted Realities, Hanmi Gallery, London, UK

2013  HOT–ONE–HUNDRED, Schwartz Gallery, London, UK

2011  Cryptic, The Crypt Gallery, London,  UK

Contemporary, Pimlico, Dolphin Square, London, UK

2009  Open, Studio One, Wandsworth Arts Festival, London, UK

Actual Size, Studio One, Wandsworth OpenHouse, London, UK

Art Fairs

2015  Poly Macau Art Fair, Tong Gallery, Macau, China

Selected Curated Shows

2015  Tina Jenkins: Hystoria, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2014  Painted Realities, Olarn Chiaravanont, BernatDaviu, Super Future Kid and

Mark Nader, Hanmi Gallery, London, UK

Painter Paints Paint, Studio OneGallery, London, UK

If Ihad been taller I could have looked through all the windows, Studio One Gallery, London, UK

2013  Cover Version, Studio One Gallery, London



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About the exhibition

Mark Nader: Doublespeak

Curator: Shi Jian

Academic Director: Alun Rowlands

Opening Reception:2016.11.04  3:00 pm

Duration: 2016.11.04 – 2016.12.21

Venue: Tong Gallery+Projects

Courtesy of the artist and Tong Gallery+Projects, for further information please visit

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