Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Hong Kong artist Peony Yip’s debut solo exhibition titled “Transformation”. Peony is inspired by the notion of continuous change – fascinated not only by the end result of metamorphosis but also in the process of the transformation. In this solo exhibition, she explores the relationship between humans and nature and puts forward her vision of the transformation from former to the latter.

Imagining a world where human goes through an evolutionary process to finally become a part of nature, Peony’s “Transformation” series portray the different stages of a girl’s transformation back to nature as a butterfly, symbolic of people being reborn and at one with nature again.

In the “Transformation Zodiac” series, Peony portrays insects (as a representation of nature) transformed into the twelve Zodiac beings, all fully evolved with their ubiquitous physical attributes and characteristics.



Artist Statement:

The series portrays the inevitability of change. Humanity’s idea of death is simply another part of the process that we call life. Death is no more to be feared than Birth, Love or Growth. Although the fear of Death has been at the root of all of our great discoveries and accomplishments, what is sometimes forgotten is that discovery itself is not as important as what is done with what is discovered. Through discoveries I believe we humans have taken greatly from what belongs to the Earth and I would love to live a world where we can be rebirthed back into nature itself.



About the artist

Peony Yip was born in Jamaica in 1990 where she lived for 14 years before moving back to Hong Kong in 2005. She graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute with a Higher Diploma in Graphic Information Design in 2010 and has participated in various group exhibitions since 2012 before her current debut solo exhibition at Art Projects Gallery.

About Art Projects Gallery

Art Projects Gallery is a Hong Kong-based art gallery established in March 2010 that specializes in contemporary fine arts. Founded by two architects, Anng Tan and Rayvees Goh, Art Projects Gallery represents established artists as well as emerging artists, with the aim to promote and encourage artistic innovation in content, technique and medium.

About the exhibition

Opening Reception with artist Peony Yip: 10 July 2015, Friday, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Exhibition Duration: 7 – 26 July 2015

Open Daily: 1 – 8pm

Venue: Art Projects Gallery

Address: Unit S510, 5/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

For further information please contact Anng Tan via Tel: +852 6505 3036/Email: or visit

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