Tim Hawkinson,  Gimble Klein Basket, 2007,bamboo, motor, pulley, and drive belt 58 x 137 x 58 courtesy PACE, New York

Observing one billiard-ball moving towards another, David Hume, the 18th century skeptic, asked: “May I not conceive that a hundred different events might as well follow that cause?” A simple isomorphic collision results in a myriad of consequences. The Humean causal contingency proliferates in and seems further complicated by contemporary modalities in which the priming of motion can be concomitantly occasioned by mechanical, electronic, and digital intrigues, in reality and via the virtual, through solid material and by way of data bits. Motion begets action; action incites motion whereby transposition reciprocates as permutation that undergoes metamorphosis. Many a motion comes to pass, invoking a subversion of dramaturgy; instigating a dislocation of time- space, inflicting a mishap of perception, or implicating a polemic and explicating a contention.

About the exhibition

Duration: April 20 – May 12, 2013

Venue: Hall13-17 National Art Museum of China

Organizer: National Art Museum of China

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