2011 Bob Dylan Live In Beijing01 by Liang Shuang

Photograph by Liang Shuang from http://www.lionshuang.com/

It’s commonly known that you just could not predict a Dylan concert but we had to be there with Bob Dylan since we loved his songs and this long-awaited concert in China marked his 50 years on the performance stage. This Wednesday night on April 6, 2011 would be a memorable one for all members of our team. We clapped and danced to the beat as Dylan band played till the end of two encores including the popular “Like A Rolling Stone.” It’s said that Dylan, like all artists performing in China, had to submit his set list beforehand for approval by the Ministry of Culture, which seemed to remind the singer that he would have to “conduct the performance strictly according to the approved program,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Dylan should not be blamed for few words in his concert and he used his songs to communicate with his fans. Eventually, Bob Dylan’s debut in China closed with his classic “Forever Young.” Yes, there are ups and downs in your life but remember that you should not give up your pursuit of dreams. Challenge yourself and stay young.


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