07 Xu Lei, Inscribed Figure – Autumn River, silk scroll, 88 x 148 cm, 2014

At present, the Scenarios of Time: The Fourth Art Sanya was grandly held at Huayu Hotel at Yalong Bay, to bring the audiences a series of wonderful exhibitions and events such as the selections and awards of “Huayu Youth Award”, thegroup exhibition featuring shortlisted artist entitled “The Scale of the Youth”, as well as “Invention Ceremony” by Made in Company. As one of the highlights of the Art Sanya, “With the Mountains and Rivers – Chinese Landscape in the Multi-Dimension” thematic exhibition will open at Huayu Hotel at Yalong Bay, Sanya on January 22, 2016, Deputy Dean of Beijing Fine Art Academy and Director of the Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy Wu Hongliang serves as the Academic Chair, and the PhD candidate of CAFA Feng Xue serves as the curator. This exhibition will cover the presentation of the masterpieces created by well-known Chinese landscape painters in the 20th century, and the major contemporary artists’ art practices themed on landscape. It presents the thoughts of the landscape proposition starting from the predecessors’ sticking to tradition and fusion of Chinese and western culture, to the present people with a global vision using the past to bring forth the new, in the multiple-dimensional collision.

With the Mountains and Rivers – Chinese Landscape in the Multi-Dimension” exhibition through setting up three thematic sections including “genre”, “stander” and “borrowing”, in the form of comparations between ancient and modern, organizing 47 pieces (volumes) of landscape painting masterpieces by the masters of the 20th Century in the collection of Shanyou Art Museum, and the representative works themed on landscapes by 30 contemporary artists, to sort out, analyze and present the rich artistic dimensions and cultural orientation reflected by the landscape painting in the vast and profound development process, prompting more thoughts and discussions on the proposition in the platform of Art Sanya, with such a special context.

In the 20th Century and the changeable contemporary social reality and cultural field, the artists persistently adhered to the theme of “landscape”, more or less containing a kind of cultural psychology of “hermits” and “nomads”, and including the inquiry of the identity, keeping watch on hometown. Therefore, rather than a subject, an artistic category, an academic proposition, “landscape” is a kind of inner feeling. The exhibition does not only aim at the discussions on the level of style, language and art concept, the inheritance relationship between contemporary Chinese art and Chinese artistic dimension in the 20th Century, but rather in hope that through the conceptual logic extraction and analysis of works in different forms and media, to present the cultural psychology under the proposition of mountains and rivers, in order to form the explicating of academic attitudes of the relationship between ancient and modern Chinese art in the contemporary cultural context. As the Academic Chair Wu Hongliang said that, “‘With the Mountains and Rivers’ exhibition is through the way of contrast to discuss the distance between hearts and things, and even the appearance of the world in men’s hearts, rather than mountains and rivers.”

The exhibition will open on the afternoon of January 22, 2016, going through to March 17, 2016.

Artists (in order by their family name)

The 20th Century:

Wang Zhen, Shi Lu, Feng Chaoran, Yaming, Zhu Qizhan, Liu Haisu, Qi Baishi, Li Keran, Wu Yifeng, Wu Changshuo, He Haixia, Ying Yeping, Song Wenzhi, Zhang Daqian, Zhang Shanzi, Lu Yanshao, Chen Zizhuang, Chen Shaomei, Chen Peiqiu, Lin Fengmian, Jin Cheng, Zhou Huaimin, Zheng Wuchang, Zhao Wangyun, He Tianjian, Qian Songyan, Tao Lengyue, Huang Yongyu, Huang Junbi, Huang Junbi, Huang Junbi, Huang Binhong, Xiao Qianzhong, Dong Shouping, Fu Baoshi, Xie Zhiliu, Pu Ru, Li Xiongcai, Pan Tianshou, Wei Zixi

The Contemporary:

Ding Bin, Wang Tiande, Fang Xiang, Yin Zhaoyang, Lu Fusheng, Shen Fan, Qiu Ting, Wu Jianan, Li Xi, Xiao Gu, Xiao Xu, Time-Space Knob (Lu Yuan, Zhu Linlei), Zhang Wei, Lin Gang, Ji Dachun, Jin Jiangbo, Zhao Lei, Hao Liang, Yao Lu, Tongxi Xiaochan, Xu Lei, Xu Sheng, Cao Ge, Ta Ke, Peng Si, Lu Kuo, Cai Zhisong

Title: With the Mountains and Rivers – Chinese Landscape in the Multi-Dimension

Academic Chair: Wu Hongliang

Curator: Feng Xue

Organizer: Sanya Municipal People’s Government

Undertaker: Sanya Municipal Propaganda Department

Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Publication and Sports

Sanya Municipal Tourism Development Committee

Sanya Huayu Tourism Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jiuhetu Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Co-Organizers: Shanyou Art Museum

Huayu Hotel in Yalong Bay

Baihuagu Commercial Center in Yalong Bay

Opening Time: January 22, 2016, 15:00 pm

Duration: January 23 – March 17, 2016

Venue: Dragon Hall of the Huayu Exclusive Hotel in Yalong Bay, Sanya

Courtesy of the artists, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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