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On April 14, 2017, the donation ceremony of Luo Gongliu’s works and the signing ceremony of Luo Gongliu Young Artist Award were held at the Audio-visual Academic Lecture Room, CAFA. The family representative, Luo Gongliu’s son Luo An graciously donated to the CAFA Art Museum 30 works by Luo Gongliu, and invested 2 million RMB to set up the Luo Gongliu Young Artist Award, supporting the student thematic creation exhibition entitled “Youth · Footprint”.

Luo Gongliu’s family representatives including Luo An, Wu Ke, Huang Huaying, Lu Jiasun, Luo Gongliu’s student and the senior professor Wen Lipeng from CAFA, Party Secretary of CAFA and Chairman of the Foundation Gao Hong, President of CAFA Fan Di’an, Vice President of the CAFA Su Xinping, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee Liu Xiaodong, Vice Chairman of the Foundation Sun Wei, Secretary-General of the Foundation Liu Gang, Minister of Student Affairs Guo Li, Deputy Director of the Foundation’s Office Lu Yingming as well as the student representatives of CAFA attended the signing ceremony.

Luo Gongliu who was an outstanding artist in the course of the development of Chinese art in the 20th century actively promoted the localization of oil painting, and he chronically directed the teaching of Luo Gongliu Studio at CAFA, as well as cultivating a large number of outstanding artistic talents. Party Secretary of CAFA Gao Hong addressed the signing ceremony and said that Luo Gongliu remained as part of the heritage of Chinese art and CAFA, which includes both a large number of outstanding works and the students cultivated by Luo, and the more important thing is his precious spiritual wealth, Luo Gongliu’s achievements represent the glory and height of CAFA in the course of one hundred years of development. Gao Hong advocated inheriting and carrying forward excellent traditions of the older generation, encouraging the growth of young artists and cultivating the best artists of the times at the moment when CAFA is about to usher in its 100th anniversary of being established.

In 2016, it coincided with the 100th anniversary of Luo Gongliu’s birth, in order to commemorate Luo Gongliu who made outstanding contributions to CAFA in the course of one hundred years of development, held an exhibition entitled “The Road of Innovative Pioneer–Memorial Exhibition for the One Hundredth Anniversary of Luo Gongliu’s Birth”. Li Yaochen, Deputy Director of the Exhibition Department of the CAFA Art Museum introduced the basic situation and influence of the exhibition at the signing ceremony. It was the first time for an exhibition to feature about 400 works and documents to the academia and the public, to comprehensively present the artistic process of Luo Gongliu who“served the people all his life”, highlighting the innovative spirit of the development of Chinese oil painting during his exploration, which is an important achievement for the study of modern Chinese oil painting and Luo Gongliu’s art.

In order to perfectly study and present Luo Gongliu’s art, Luo Gongliu’s family decided to donated 30 works by Luo Gongliu to CAFA Art Museum without payment, including Luo’s representative works such as the draft of “Mao Zedong Made a Rectification Report in Yan’an”, “Lu Xun’s Portrait”, “Zuo Quan’s Portrait”. Vice President of CAFA Su Xinping issued a donation certificate to Luo An on behalf of the academy. President of CAFA Fan Di’an affirmed the great academic significance of the donation, and he said that Luo Gongliu’s work was a necessary part for the teaching and research of CAFA, as well as part of the history of the artistic creation for the Academy and the history of Chinese art in the 20th century, the involvement of his work has further improved the sequence of the collection at CAFA.

Luo Gongliu’s creation is both closely related to the development of the times and the teaching at CAFA. In order to promote the artistic spirit of Luo Gongliu, Luo’s family invested 2 million RMB to set up the Luo Gongliu Young Artist Award, supporting the student thematic creation exhibition entitled “Youth · Footprint”, guiding and encouraging the majority of young students to create the artworks synchronizing with society and reflecting the theme of the times. Guo Li, Minister of Student Affairs at CAFA introduced the purpose and development of the “Youth · Footprint” student thematic creation exhibition, which is an important brand of event for the thematic education activity for the “Chinese Dream • Art Dream • Centurial Dream” by CAFA, which has been held for six consecutive sessions. It is an important platform for the young students to sway their creative enthusiasm, using art to express the spirit of the times, where many excellent creations have been born and gained social and artistic recognition.

Luo Gongliu’s student and the senior professor Wen Lipeng from CAFA was also present at the event. Before the founding of new China, Luo Gongliu once worked in the North University and North China Union University, engaged in the work of art education and he directed the second studio of the Department of Oil Painting after CAFA was established, Wen Lipeng fortunately was contacted and participated in it, and he was a witness of the complete education of Luo Gongliu. Wen Lipeng shared their teacher-student association, so that the audience could feel the firm artistic ideals of Luo Gongliu and his concern for the students, which is also a vivid course for the history of the school for current teachers and students from the CAFA.

CAFA has received the representative works by Luo Gongliu and set up the Luo Gongliu Young Artist Award and will further promote the development of the research and display of art to inspire the academy to keep the artistic life of the older generation in mind, to promote the glorious artistic tradition, studying the artistic spirit of the sages, to promote the innovation and development of the teaching, creations and research of the academy in the new times and create more art masterpieces that highlight the spirit of the times.

Text edited by Zhang Wenzhi, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

Photo by Hu Sichen/CAFA ART INFO

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