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Initiators of contemporary art in Beijing in the 80’s, founders of the “Group of Stars”, Hang Rui, Wang Keping and Ma Desheng get together on the occasion of a unprecedented exhibition at the Magda Danysz Gallery. Interpreting Man as much as Nature, wood carvings, metal works or paintings of these two internationally recognized artists are complementary. They symbolize the first generation of Chinese contemporary artists.

Today, Wang Keping, Huang Rui and Ma Desheng symbolize the beginnings of Chinese contemporary art which is considered to have started in 1979. Indeed, Wang Keping’s work “Le Cri” which is now part of the Ulli Sigg Collection is thought to be the starting point.

Wang Keping, Huang Rui and Ma Desheng are the founders this movement which renewed the pictorial traditions through the research for an art over and above the academic conventions. Enriched with a thousand-year-old cultural heritage and an open – minded spirit, the artists of this generation link tradition to modernity. They have been living in Paris for many years, except Huang Rui who lives in Beijing, and have exhibited all around the world. This group show in France is the occasion to make the different artistic expression speak.

Wang Keping - Sculpture

Wooden sculptures by Wang Keping feature characters with surprising dimensions. Sensual, refined, sometimes very ironic or provocative, these figures born from his hands are the result of a long and demanding process of creation requiring several years of work. This process allows him to discover the natural curves of the wood. This simplification is also present in Ma Desheng’s work. He paints human bodies made from black pebbles and staged as if they were hanging on the set. Although minimalist, these figures are very expressive. As Wang Keping’s sculptures, Ma Desheng’s knowledge and work allow him to reach the essence of human expressions both in his paintings as in his poetry. Material is also important in the works of these three artists, especially for Huang Rui. Poet of the group of stars, today he combines text and oil paintings in which is words emerge in the volume given by the thickness of the paint.

Presenting major works, the exhibition shows these three internationally famous artists side by side. An echo is established between their reflections, the curves of the wooden sculptures merge with the lines of the paintings.

Ma Desheng - Oil on canavs

About the exhibition

Duration: 3-21 Sep 2013 11:00-19:00

Venue: Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris

Opening: 7 Set 2013 Sat 18:00-21:00

Tel: 0033-01-45833851

Add: 78, rue Amelot, Paris 11, France

Courtesy of the artists and Magda Danysz Gallery, for further information please visit

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