04 From left to right Associate Professor Li Fan from the Department of Printmaking, CAFA, artist Xu Hongxiang, curator Ivy Peng

At 16:00 on September 27, 2014, jointly hosted by “Art Nova 100” and CCAD, co-organized by SZ Art Center, “Xu Hongxiang’s Solo Exhibition – The Sixth Round of 1 in 100 Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series” was unveiled at SZ Art Center in 798 Art District. More than 100 people from collectors, curators, critics, the media and Art Gallery Association, Beijing, China witnessed the opening of the exhibition. Ivy Peng, executive director of “Art Nova 100” serves as the curator of the exhibition, and Professor Zhao Li from CAFA serves as the Academic Support.

Xu Hongxiang graduated from the Department of Printmaking, CAFA, so that his feeling of print also affects the creation of oil painting. The exhibition presents the work created by Xu Hongxiang from 2009, and the content of work involves scenery, characters and some surreal feelings. In the process of creation the artist uses a way of painting to dispel images and then form a new and unique content and effective way of painting. Xu Hongxiang borrows a kind of activation to build up a “developing trajectory starting from the past to the predictable future”, which goes beyond the limit of time and space, freely shuttling in between the past, present and future, so that the viewers would lament the life when seeing the creation of Xu Hongxiang.

The exhibition is the 6th Round of 1 in 100 Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series, and also the first solo exhibition of the artist, on-site presents more than 60 works representing his styles st different stages, comprehensively showcasing the creative process and context of the artist, which has a special significance for the artist and collectors. On the afternoon of September 28, it will invite Li Fan, Associate Professor of CAFA and Xu Hongxiang together to give an academic lecture entitled “Generation and Continuation of Context”, which is the first round of “Face to Face – Famous Artists Dialogue with Young Artists” series of lectures launched by “Art Nova 100”, later it will continuously invite famous artists, curators, critics and art museum directors to dialogue with outstanding young artists. Through “face to face” meetings it hopes to transmit a richer art concept, with a more open interaction.

On the occasion of the holding of “Beijing 798 Art Festival”, the solo exhibition of Xu Hongxiang together with other art exhibitions and activities in the 798 art district constitute the wonderful content of “Beijing 798 Art Festival”. At the same time, the exhibition is strongly supported by the Art Gallery Association, Beijing, before the opening it hosts a VIP preview together with the Art Gallery Association, Beijing, and it was the second cooperation since “Art Nova 100” and Art Gallery Association, Beijing launched “Art Gallery Association Beijing Special Tutorial” in the period of 2014 “Art Nova 100” initial exhibition, and both sides will also have a closer cooperation, in order to improve the promotion and propaganda of young artists.

About “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”

“1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series” is a high-level platform was launched by Art Nova 100, in collaboration with CCAD to promote the outstanding individual artists. Through the tailor-made solo exhibitions by the “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”, the young artists showcase their own creation from multiple angles, winning extensive attention and interaction in the industry and with outsiders. “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series” is rooted in “Art Nova 100”, but it is not limited to it, instead, it is a platform that is open to all outstanding young artists. Since the first show debuted in 2012, the project has entered its third year. In the future, “solo exhibition series” will continue to be based on the professional academic research, taking mature and efficient inside and outside promotion as the carrier, for the purpose of selection and promotion of young artists, successively releasing the solo exhibitions of excellent young artists, to create a high-end platform for young artists to achieve their dreams.

About the exhibition

Title: Xu Hongxiang’s Solo Exhibition – The Sixth Round of 1 in 100 Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series

Curator: Ivy Peng

Academic Support: Zhao Li

Opening Reception: 16:00 on September 27, 2014 (Saturday)

Duration: September 27 – October 7, 2014 (10:00-18:00) (closing on September 29 and October 6)

Venue: SZ Art Center, East Street 798 Art District, Beijing

Organizer: Art Nova 100

Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art Document (CCAD)

Organizer: Beijing Mingtai Culture & Art Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: SZ Art Center

Lecture during the exhibition:

Theme: Generation and Continuation of Context

Host: Chen Lin from Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art Document (CCAD), curator

Guest: Li Fan (Associate Professor of CAFA), Xu Hongxiang (artist)

Time: 14:00-15:00 September 28, 2014 (Sunday)

Venue: SZ Art Center, East Street 798 Art District, Beijing

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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