Themed as the “Veneer of the World”, Xu Lei’s solo exhibition was opened along with his recent creations from 2012. The monumental work “Gossamer” does not only represent his wisdom that he adjusted from the two polars of the world with rhetorical devices, but is also the largest scenic illusion painting on silk. “Rainbow-Stone” and “Qi and Bone” series, when compared with his previous work, highlighting the vast space-time awareness, the appropriate verification of the language, dialectics neutralization of images, and the concisely meaningful theme, indicates the new breakthrough of traditional Chinese painting in the view of nature. Through this series of his new works heralding the future value of history, the exhibition presents his development over different ages by means of a retrospective display, the exhibits were arranged according to the union of “Mirror Image”, “Blue-Green”, “Choreographic Map”, “Empty Word”, “The Empty City”, “Romance”, “Worldview”, “Curtains” and etc., gradually reinterpreting the constantly extending creative process of the artist.

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