The exhibition will showcase approximately twenty new works by Zhang Tianmu. The vision of her paintings is like fantacies in childhood, expressing a perfect world out od reality. Yet, “evil” seems to run into her fairy tales in these days. Style of these works will be different from her former, which may lead viewers to enter the grown-up Tianmu’s world.

Tianmu partially abandoned and transformed her former behaviour standard, psychological openness and freedom of behaviour appear in her life simultaneously. Getting the right timing, art became the exit and channel. As if flowers burst into bloom overnight in the spring breeze, she frequently present things which she disliked in her childhood. Nothing else, like a kind of compensation. Tianmu’s paintings seems too perfect, so perfect even beyond age and generation. However, There’s no such a thing named “perfect”. There are always loopholes in those so-called “perfect”. The “perfect” loopholes under Tianmu’s painting brush lies in the unrealness of that world itself. It is anti-realism, just like the island in “The Truman Show.”

Visually Tianmu’s paintings are endowed with childhood dreams. However, this perfection is false. The value of this falseness is that it confirms the reality of life, but also confirms her psychological needs. In Tiamu’s words: there are two of me. In this sense, Tianmu and her paintings there are two “me.” In this sense, Tianmu and her paintings can even become a case of psychological study. Also in this sense, Tianmu begins to find her own way and system of creation. Behind the seemingly fantastic images, it’s the highly synthesized reality of her daily life, social feelings, emotional world. Through her automatism paintings, these are linked together, like a Midas’ touch. Therefore, her paintings are not representationalism cartoons, nor is a direct response to the cruel reality or of visual communication of psychic trauma. Tianmu’s art world is the alchemy of dreams and reality, the bridge between the two of me. In terms of new series, Zhang Tianmu claimed that she attempted to figure out her thought during the process of painting. By painting, she could acknowledge the logical relation of her works. Under a relax cindition, she puts some interesting details in her paintings and let these elements transform into a creation. Moreover, “not cute” and “evil” enter into Tianmu’s works, which implys she starts to accept negtive moods. Being brave and using a broaden mind to examine the world, she is able to face, accept and even appreciate it.

About Zhang Tianmu

1971, Born in Jinlin, Chinese Painting Department, Huaqiao University. Fresco Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Now Stay in Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions

2014, Unknown Self – Zhang Tianmu Solo Exhibition, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China

2013, Liberty – Zhang Tianmu Solo Exhibition, Hwa’s Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012, Life Is But A Dream – Zhang Tianmu Art Exhibition, Triumph Art Space @ China Central Place (Huamao), Beijing, China

2012, Life Is But A Dream – Zhang Tianmu Art Exhibition, Triumph Art Space @ The Hong Kong Jockey Club House, Beijing, China

2012, Dream Intertwined – Zhang Tianmu Solo Exhibition, Pata Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012, Journey of Fantasy – Zhang Tianmu Solo Exhibition, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China

2010, Know And Unknow – Zhang Tianmu Solo Exhibition, Holy Oriental Art Gallery, Beijing, China

About the exhibition

Dates: June 7 – July 6, 2014

Venue: Triumph Art Space

Opening: June 7, 16:00

Tel: 010-57623012

Add: A05, 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Courtesy of the artist and Triumph Art Space, for further information please visit www.triumphart.com.cn.

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