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Zhang Yanzi, an ingenious artist and a mind healer, whose paintings strike a subtle balance between art and healing. She finds the source of self-salvation of the mankind with unique sensitivity of the feminine.


Galerie Ora-Ora and Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences celebrate the gallery’s 10th and museum’s 20th anniversary this July with a solo exhibition by Chinese artist Zhang Yanzi. Titled “Essence”, the exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s “Remedy” series which was shown at Art Basel Hong Kong in 2015 and 2016. It will be on view from 8 July to 28 August, open Tuesday through Sunday.

“Essence” uniquely brings art and science together to form a new perspective for the public, and encourages engagement through an array of activities hosted throughout the exhibition period, from interactive workshops and meet-the-artist sessions to guided tours and seminars. The exhibition is for all Hong Kongers, families, medical professionals and artists to be inspired by how two subjects, often considered complete opposites, come together through the philosophy, culture and healing processes of both Western and Eastern medicine.

“Inspired by her visits and research at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Zhang Yanzi’s work truly brings art and science together,” said Henrietta Tsui-Leung, Owner of Galerie Ora-Ora and Founder and Co-President of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association. “We are delighted to bring this exceptional crossover of Eastern and Western practices, and art and science, for people to ponder over and enjoy”, added Henrietta. Galerie Ora-Ora is a contemporary gallery that provides an important platform for Asian artists and their pioneering ideas. “Essence” and its predecessor “Remedy” are the first of their kind to explore pain and remedy of the mind, body and spirit.

Yan Tung, Curator of Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences said, “Zhang’s “Essence” is a poetic take on scientific research, imagination and observation. It explores whether artists and doctors share similar experiences when dealing with life and death, and opens up a new platform for exchanging information and ideas.” The perfect setting for this artistic dialogue, the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences has been promoting medical knowledge, health and public education through year-round educational and cultural activities for the last two decades: the exhibitions displayed throughout the museum and its herbal gardens will draw attention to Hong Kong’s achievements and history in the medical science arena.

A Chinese contemporary artist to watch, Zhang Yanzi’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are included in museums, art institutions, and private collections, such as the National Art Museum of China and CAFA Art Museum, Beijing.

Her innovative exhibition “Essence” incorporates familiar medical products from the East and West such as herbal medicine, gauze, bandages and pills within her artwork. She interprets the scientific way humanity deals with pain and illness through art and invites visitors into her intimate world of recovery and remedy.

Art critic Huang Zhuan wrote of Zhang’s creations and Remedy series that she evokes “unsettling contradictions, absurd images (juxtaposed) against ethereal landscapes, painful memories and transcendental meditation, as well as carnal desires and spiritual arrogation, these contradictions are aptly combined in elusive gossamer-like lines and colour masses”, thus ultimately emitting a sense of calm and serenity. The artist’s intent is to “depict both modern anxiety as well as its antidote and cure”.

The exhibition will unveil four new installations and a new series of ink paintings. One of its many highlights will be Resuscitation, a pair of angel wings that symbolises hope, the selflessness of doctors and medical professionals, and the salvation of life. The piece derived from Zhang’s time as Artist-in-Residence at Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, where she took inspiration from the stories of doctors and their importance to the community. Zhang was inspired by the impressive Chinese herbal garden at the museum: the feathers are made from processed gauze bandages wrapped around Chinese herbal medicine, carefully torn and ground by Zhang.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to join Zhang in her scientific quest: discover, learn and research through art.

About the exhibition

Duration: 8 July to 28 August

Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday & Public Holidays: 1 pm to 5 pm

Venue: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

Address: 2 Caine Lane, Mid-Levels, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Admission fee

$20 Adult

$10 Full Time Student, Senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and children under 6 years old

$50 Family Package (2 adults & 3 kids)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GalleryOraOra/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galerieoraora/

Website: http://www.ora-ora.com/

About Zhang Yanzi:

Zhang Yanzi was born in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. Zhang received her Master of Fine Arts in Chinese Painting at China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Beijing Normal University. She is currently based in Beijing and serves as the Editor-in-chief of CAFA ART INFO at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

About Galerie Ora Ora:

Galerie Ora-Ora is a research-based Asian contemporary fine art gallery specializing in Contemporary Ink, sculptures, and the discovery of emerging talents. Since inception, they have grown to manage nearly 40 veteran artists from around the world including Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, China and Hong Kong. They believe art should transcend times, and Ora-Ora or ‘from era to era’ embodies that mission.

Ora-Ora has been a dedicated sponsor of Chinese Contemporary Ink since the art form’s early developments. They represent a number of these key prodigies within their network of corporate and private collectors. Through their extensive participation at art events across Asia and internationally, Ora-Ora has earned a reputation of being passionate about its art’s quality and timelessness.

Henrietta Tsui-Leung, Ora-Ora’s founder, has been focused on contributing to the local art scene for over a decade via sponsoring cultural initiatives and charity events. With an aim to create a strong and vibrant art community, she also co-founded the HK Art Gallery Association.

About Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences:

The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (the Museum) is an independent public museum established in 1996 by the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences Society (HKMMS Society). It is housed in the Old Pathological Institute, one of Hong Kong’s declared monuments, under concessionary lease from the Government of the HKSAR.

The Mission of the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences is to provide a stimulating environment for public education on health and medical sciences, past, present and future; for local and overseas visitors to appreciate aspects of Hong Kong’s rich medical heritage, including Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western Scientific Medicine; to be a centre for research in medical history and for preservation and display of objects relating to the development of medical and health sciences in Hong Kong.

Courtesy of the artist and Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, for further information please visit www.hkmms.org.hk/zh/home-zh/ or contact Sinclair Communications at (852) 2915 1234:

Rachel Pollard| rachel@sinclairasia.com | (852) 5977 5590

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